Bike size is just one factor

Since last spring, our daughter has been riding a 24″ youth road bicycle from Farrier Bicycle Works. While on paper the bike should have fit her, we noticed she was having difficulty during rides – specifically, the stand over the bike was too high, causing her significant pain when she banged into the top tube.

She loved how her old bike looked, but not how it felt.
Standing over the bike, there was no space between our daughter and the top tube.

After some consideration, I replaced her road bike with a 24″  Speedster Junior from Scott. While technically the same size the bike’s geometry made for a significantly different fit.

The differences in the stand-over height can be seen in the photo below:

It’s important to note that there was nothing wrong with our daughter’s original bike – it just didn’t fit correctly. By selecting a bike that was the same size, but with a different geometry, we were able to give our daughter something on which she will feel more comfortable and confident.